War Memorial

The Canada History Society works with partners and their supports to encourage and aid in the creation of History  projects which promote Canadian History themes and content. We also support efforts to insure or focus on those partners who strive to deliver content to the public and the educational community on an open basis without fees charged for, or restrictions placed on access to content. Our history is our heritage and The Canada History Society works towards bring the creation and delivery of our past.

We are currently encourgaeing and supporting partenrs in  the development of the following projects as focal points of our efforts to promote, preserve and protect Canadian history and heritage.

1812 Project - A web portal dedicated to the story of the War of 1812 in Canada and to the recreation and celebrations of those events during the 200th anniversary of this conlict. - One of the foremost web sites dedicated to telling the story of the history of Canada from pre-history to modern times. Told through the events of the different periods, historic maps, documents, cultural images and works and various other relevant and important pieces of the heritage story - A web site which focuses on the military engagments which Canada participated form the the arrival of the Eurpeans to present times. This project welcomes primary and source material for addition to the current content of the site works to become inovative and pro-active in it's delivery of the story of Canadian wars, the participants and the outcomes of those actions.


The Canada History Society directs funding to these projects for content creation, web site maintenace and expansion. Welcome your donations to the society and if you are interested in a specific project - please earmark your donation as such and we will insure the funding is directed appropriately. Donate Now