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National Aboriginal Month

National Aboriginal History Month

In June, Canadians celebrate National Aboriginal History Month, an opportunity to honour the heritage, contributions and cultures of Aboriginal peoples in Canada. June has long been a month of celebration and remembrance in Canada, with National Aboriginal Day on the 21st, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day on the 24th, and Multiculturalism Day on the 27th. In 2009, June was declared National Aboriginal History Month, following the passing of a unanimous motion in the House of Commons. National Aboriginal History Month provides an opportunity to recognize not only the historic contributions of Aboriginal peoples to the development of Canada, but also the strength of present-day Aboriginal communities and their promise for the future. Celebrating National Aboriginal History Month in June is an important tribute to the heritage and diversity of First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities across Canada.

Sie William Johnson

250th Anniversary of the Royal Proclamation of 1763

2013 marks the 250th anniversary of the Royal Proclamation of 1763. The Royal Proclamation is a foundational document in the relationship between First Nations people and the Crown and laid the basis for Canada's territorial evolution.

This commemoration is a unique opportunity to learn more about an important event in Canadian history.


Canada Day

We celebrate Canada Day in grand style in the nation's capital. Every year, tens of thousands of people flock to Parliament Hill to take part in the Canada Day Noon Show with the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.

This year, we will be highlighting the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition, the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station as well as featuring celebrations from London and New York. As we celebrate Canada's 146th birthday, we celebrate our legacy, our pride and our possibilities!

The 2013 show will include a protocol ceremony and a spectacular flyby of CF 18s and Snowbirds.